Garden Carpet

Garden Carpet

The garden design of this carpet is governed by the Designer’s enthusiasm for natural phenomena around him. The designer of this exquisite example, inspired by traditional gardens, has intersected the field of this carpet into six distinct sections by using canals of water abundant with fish. Other spaces are occupied by an all over repetition of a kind of motifs depicting birds in ambush to catch fish. The carpet is also trimmed withbirds, deer, flowering shrubs and trees

Although the design has a horizontal view, the designer has made every attempt to impart a graceful impression of the animal figures. The circular cartouches are embellished with palmettes and spiral

branches brimful with varied flowers in a nearly orange background. The borders of the carpet are also an association of four-petal flowers and palmettes interconnected with two coloured leaves. Arthur Upham Pope has introduced the origin of this carpet as Heriz

Related Description

Origin: Heriz, Beginning of the 16th century

Collection: Österreisches Museum für Angewandte Künst, Vienna

Design: Animal Garden

Knot type: Asymmetric

Dimensions: 187 x 151 cm

Raj: Approx. 40

Knots per 10 cm (width): 64

Knots per 10 cm (length): 48

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