Islimi Medallion Carpet

Islimi Medallion Carpet

The harmonious scroll of crimson forked islimis with twisting forks flanked by black khatayi bands adorns the entire golden field in this specimen. Invigorating peacocks with mosaic of colours and boisterous blue cloud bands are created to enrich the design of the field. The crimson pendant is trimmed with the islimi and khatayi motifs. Moreover, khatayi motifs with improvised details have amazingly enhanced the delicacy of the blue medallion.

The very wide border of the carpet in harmonious balance with the field is richly interwoven with infinite variation of islimi motifs and khatayi flowers flanked by cloud bands. The narrow inner border with touches of blue hues lies on a bed of khatayi and islimi motifs coupled with cloud bands. The narrow outer bands are embossed with a fine composition of khatayi motifs and cloud bands

Related Description

Origin: Isfahan, beginning of the 16th century

Collection: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Design: Islimi medallion

Knot type: Asymmetric

Dimensions: 802 x 412 cm

Raj: Approx. 50

Knots per 10 cm (width): Approx. 78

Knots per 10 cm (length): Approx. 78

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