Silk Medallion Carpet

Silk Medallion Carpet

The comparatively large medallion of this silk rug embellished with a red band is divided into different parts. This medallion depicts four peacocks each housed within the cartouches to create the form of a cruciform motif. The harmonious scroll of islimi bands with interwoven forks are scattered all over the dark blue field and its light pink spandrels. Moreover, elegant khatayi stems with their leaves and flowers have added to the splendour of the scroll of islimi bands. The cloud bands that are assigned with different sizes in shade of red have outstandingly decorated the whole field

The golden ground of the border is composed of armband cartouches enriched with poems inscribed in Nastalique script. Encompassing the cartouches are invigorated cloud bands that create a spiral flow and motion. Octagon cartouches with a dark blue ground are decorated with khatayi and islimi motifs. The narrow borders of the rug lie on a bed of scrolling stems brimful with flowers

Related Description

Origin: Tabriz, beginning of the 16th century

Collection: Musée des Arts décoratifs, Paris

Design: Lachack toranj with inscription

Knot type: Symmetric

Dimensions: 250 × 170 cm

Raj: Unknown

Knots per 10 cm (width): Unknown

Knots per 10 cm (length): Unknown

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