Chelsea Carpet

Chelsea Carpet

This magnificent carpet owes its name to the fact that it was purchased from a dealer in the King’s road, Chelsea. The field carries two complete medallions at the top and bottom, accompanied by two half medallions on both sides and four spandrels obtained from a quarter of the medallion’s design. The carpet’s almond-shape kolalehs have interlinked the medallions to the half medallions as well as the cornerpieces. The centre is occupied by a cream-coloured pond filled with fish. This pond is also linked with the medallions by two vases. The vases, which embellished with two peacocks, seated upon lions with pedestals decorated by two dragon motifs, while it seems that the lions are guarding the vases. Around the pond, deer and birds are relaxing and entertaining amongst the mass of foliage and pomegranate trees. Out of this surrounded area and between the trees in blossom, birds and mythical animals resembling lions and cows are patterned, engaged in combat and pursuit

The octagonal medallions and half medallions together with the cornerpieces are outlined by a dark blue background and enriched with a sinuous movement of islimi and khatayi motifs

The wide border assigned with medahil design and islimi bands is crowned with two contrasting crimson and dark blue background decorated with a delicate composition of islimi and khatayi motifs flanked by cloud bands

The dark blue field bears dragon and phoenix motifs, while the crimson field depicts the scene of pursu

Related Description

Origin: Kashan, beginning of the 16th century

Collection: Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Design: Lachak toranj

Knot type: Asymmetric

Dimensions: 540 x 316 cm

Raj: Approx. 60

Knots per 10 cm (width): 89

Knots per 10 cm (length): 83

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