Animal Carpet

Animal Carpet

This carpet resembles the Washington Museum carpet to some extent. A dark blue medallion trimmed with khatayi motifs and birds stands out magnificently in the centre of the field. This carpet enjoys silk warp and pile with some parts woven with gold threads. The crimson field of the carpet is brimful with khatayi motifs accompanied by trees, on branches of which singing birds have perched. The field also portrays various scenes of animal chase and tear flanked by flying angels drawn in the upper and lower parts of the medallion. Vases are designed up and down the field with amazing variety of eye-dazzling ornamentations. These vases sound as if they were the pendants of the carpet

The wide border, containing the figure of a hunting lion, is embossed with correspondingly wide floral islimi bands. Flowers embedded in the large cartouches together with islimi do complete this border. The narrow inner border is enriched with pomes admiring the carpet and its patterns, which begins with these two verses: “What a fortunate carpet that in the feat of the loved one is laid in the king’s route like his hadow” “Its islimi leaves resemble the long hairs of angels entangled at each other

Related Description

Origin: Isfahan, unknown

Collection: Museo Poldi-Pezzoli, Milan

Design: Medallion with animals

Knot type: Symmetric

Dimensions: 680 × 320

Raj: Approx. 50

Knots per 10 cm (width): 79

Knots per 10 cm (length): 72

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