Medallion and Animal Carpet

Medallion and Animal Carpet

Although this weave has a woolen warp, which is uncommon in Isfahan, the style and the design of this carpet prove its attribution to Isfahan

The medallion and its pendants, which are seated on a golden field, are gracefully embossed with islimi lattice especially cloud bands. Plant and animal motifs in fine detail are elegantly interspersed throughout the crimson field. Animal figures illuminate the field and overshadow the stems laden with khatayi flowers and leaves. These patterns include scenes of animal chase and run that are magnificently designed amongst the scroll of khatayi branches and palmettes

The wide border of the carpet is ornamented with a fine composition of comparatively wide bands of floral islimi and cartouches interwoven with shah abbasi flowers. The style of decoration used in the wide border has no consistency with the elaborated field of the rug. However, khatayi flowers flanked by tiny blossoms encircling the delicate islimi bands used in the wide border reward this work a very special charm

Related Description

Origin: Isfahan, 16th century

Collection: National Gallery of Art, Washington

Design: Medallion with animals

Knot type: Asymmetric

Dimensions: 427 x 229 cm

Raj: Approx. 35

Knots per 10 cm (width): 54

Knots per 10 cm (length): 54

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